Monday, June 18, 2012

Reversi Game in C# WinForms

Reversi game in C# WinForms

Have you ever played Reversi table game? If not, today you'll play it on your PC!
Check out Reversi game written in C# WinForms using System.Drawing Library.
Today I will not explain the code itself. I don't think it's necessary because the code is pretty simple.
We have a table which is two dimensional array, the rest is logic...
You are welcome to download the source code of this game.


  1. This game is simple and looks interesting too, would love to play and even in my free times would love to build as the hint is already been given by you.

  2. wow, you said "simple code" but it's very nice and very interesting!!!

  3. it's very enjoyable game, but codes really seem like complicate