Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Become a Software Developer

If you come over this post I'd like to cheer you and say that you are the very special person!
Why? Because you probably a software developer, or might want to become one.

There are a list of steps that are required to obtain a recognized professional qualification. The necessary conditions, you become a professional in the relevant field. I did not mean that it is easy to become a doctor, but everyone knows how to do it!


Now ask Google «how to become a software developer." Answers like that I used, are reduced to vague platitudes: "learn a programming language," "Participate in the creation of open source," "join the local community of programmers." 

There is no clear plan for building a career or any guarantees about when or whether you will become a professional at all, not a word about how you will manage to get a paying job in the future!


Check out the results of a survey of software developers conducted by Stack Overflow in 2015:


As you can see here guys, most of software developers are self-taught. Only a third of respondents received a diploma in computer science or in some related field.

What I'm trying to say here is that a software developer is such a beast that can learn anything and able to adapt to anything!

And what do you think about all this? Guys share your thoughts in comments!

Where did you learn programming?

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